Flex PCB design and prototyping

From the initial idea, to development, to the mass production of your flexible PCBs, Flex Connect is here to support you with your projects.

Taking into account the specific characteristics of FPCBs, our flex PCB design team can help you make the best-possible technical choices in terms of design, materials, feasibility, and price, with the goal of mass production.

Here’s our philosophy in a few words: To support you from the beginning of your projects and to transpose your ideas into an operational technical solution that is consistent and high-performing.

Since this means being able to evaluate and confirm your technical choices under real conditions as quickly as possible, we also offer a fast prototyping service for flexible PCBs. This service is available for any type of PCB you want: single-sided, double-sided, multilayer, thick copper PCB, jumper, and more. We create your prototypes in-house using machinery identical to the machinery we use to mass-produce parts. This approach allows us to work together from an early stage to identify any areas for optimisation before production on a larger scale.

We are capable of delivering your PCB prototypes on a short lead time, according to the characteristics of your product.

Réunion d'une cellule d'études et de prototypages