For over 40 years, at our site in Burnhaupt-le-Haut, Alsace, near the city of Mulhouse, we have been designing and producing flexible PCBs. Thanks to those many years of experience, Flex Connect has unique FPCB expertise.

A new chapter in the site’s history began in 2008 when the entity Flex Connect was created. At that time, the new management team set a goal: developing and promoting flexible PCBs in Europe, as well as building a lasting relationship based on trust with our customers and partners.

Every day, around 30 employees work to serve over 200 customers in France and around the world, with one third of our revenues coming from outside of France. We have recognised expertise in cutting-edge sectors such as aeronautics, aerospace, medical, electronics, defence, and more.

Our plant, which is entirely dedicated to the production of flexible PCBs, allows us to manufacture and deliver parts in individual units, in panels, or in rolls in order to meet any needs you may have. We offer all types of PCBs you can think of: single or double sided, multilayer, differential copper, jumpers, and more.

As a human-scale company, Flex Connect works hard every day to build lasting relationships with our customers based on trust and personalised service. Thanks to our partnership with Sofimeca, we have the industrial and financial support of this company with over 400 employees and annual revenues of over €60 million.

Focussed on the future, Flex Connect reinvests a significant share of its revenues in the purchase of modern, high-performance production machinery so that we can always offer cutting-edge solutions.

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Besides our expertise from 40 years of experience, our plant is entirely devoted to manufacturing flexible PCBs.

According to your needs and constraints, and in order to offer you the best-possible compromise between technical feasibility and low production costs, we are able to offer you two manufacturing processes: in panels or in rolls.

Our regular investments in our plant allow us to maintain our competitiveness. We have also acquired modern, high-performance means for checking your products before they leave our plant.

To learn more about our latest acquisitions of production equipment, visit our ‘News’ section.


Flex Connect does everything it can to offer you the flexibility and reliability that you need from your supplies.

As the manufacturer and distributor of our own flex PCBs, we are committed to maintaining control of the value chain that connects us with our customers. As such, we have reduced the number of intermediaries as much as possible, with the goal of controlling our flows as best we can.

From our production team to our sales team, all of our departments are located at our site in Burnhaupt-le-Haut, Alsace, near the city of Mulhouse. We enjoy a strategic geographic position in Europe, at the crossroads between France, Germany, and Switzerland and close to major logistical routes, roads, and airports.

Whenever possible, we work with local providers for environmental and ethical reasons, as well as to be responsive and to secure our supplies.

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Quality Process

Logo Socotec, certification international ISO 9001

In order to offer you the best guarantees for quality, Flex Connect has implemented a rigorous quality policy that can meet the expectations of customers and sectors with even the highest requirements. Our quality management system allows us to strive every day for rigour and excellence. A high level of quality is the priority for all of our employees. Of course, this means that we select our supplies and partners with that same rigour.

In addition, we have acquired modern, high-performance means of checking your products before delivery: an automated optical inspection and an electric tester with flying probes provide back-up to the expert eye of our employees to ensure the constant quality of your flexible PCBs.

Throughout our manufacturing process, we work off of the IPC standards to guarantee quality and rigour.

Thanks to Flex Connect’s commitment, it obtained ISO 9001 version 2015 certification for its quality management system. In addition, the company has UL 94 V-0 certification attesting to the compliance of its flex PCBs with the highest standards for mechanical, fire, and electrical shock risks.


As an ethical manufacturer, Flex Connect could not ignore environmental issues. As such, we adopted a rigorous environmental approach. We are committed to repurposing waste from our business as much as possible, reaching a rate of 90%. In addition, all of our waste is sorted by type at the source.

Among other things, we have our own waste liquid treatment station that we strictly inspect at regular intervals. In this way, we reduce the environmental footprint of our business and help improve the overall environmental impact of your products.

Working towards a sustainable future, we also strive every day to reduce our energy consumption and make the smallest carbon footprint possible.